SPEEDY Motor Car Rentals

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Assignment 2
In this course, you have been learning the skills required to understand information systems from the viewpoint of a business professional. This assignment gives you the opportunity to explore and apply your understanding of systems analysis, systems thinking, hardware and software, and how businesses deploy these
resources in a commercial context.
Assignment 2 Learning objectives
• To research the capability and impact of software packages on the organisational environment.
• To discuss pertinent project management and software issues for the introduction of new IS.
Reading for Assignment 2
You should read the case study supplied for the assignment and Part 2 of the recommended text for this course (Laudon and Laudon) before completing this assignment.
Marks for Assignment III
You can obtain a maximum of 25 marks for each of the 4 questions that make up this assignment.
Word length
Your assignment should be no more than 3,000 words in total. You are required to show the word count at the top of your assignment.
Case study: SPEEDY Motor Car Rentals
SPEEDY, a leading UK car rental company with 100 branches around the country, is facing increasing competition from other car rental companies. In order to survive in this highly competitive environment they need to provide a high quality product together with excellent customer service. The organisation has an outdated computer system which is in need of urgent upgrading. SPEEDY would like to improve their systems to provide a better customer experience for reserving and returning rental cars, and to introduce a new customer relationship management system.
Your task is to write a Report in which you discuss:
1. The options available to SPEEDY for upgrading their software (e.g. make or buy, etc.).
2. What factors should be considered when deciding whether they should outsource. 3. If they decide to outsource, what factors should be included in the service level agreement.
4. Why it is important that both management and technology professionals be involved in this decision.
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