Special education court cases

The two court cases I want reviewed are Diana v. state board of education (1970) and Larry P. v Riles (1984).

Legal Cases Review


In this course, you learn about the various aspects of assessment as related to the field of special education. This review of two legal cases will help you synthesize your learning and demonstrate your knowledge of legislative regulations and trends in special education as affected by historical events.

Learner Outcomes

1. Identify legal cases relevant to the field of assessment or special education.
2. Summarize important information concerning legal cases.
3. Describe the roles and responsibilities for assessment or special education personnel.
4. Analyze and justify trends in assessment or special education as related to historical events.
5. Compare and contrast legal cases.
6. Generate implications for future practice in assessment or special education.


Select two legal court cases (federal, state, or local) related to the field of assessment or special education to review. Use the template below to take notes on the legal cases. The template can be copied as needed. The review should be written in APA format and address all the areas included in the template. Refer to the grading rubric for additional information.

Legal Case Review Template

This template can be used to take notes. Copy the template as needed.
Identify the case reference.

Write a brief summary of the case including relevance to the field of assessment or special education, participants, nature of the case, and main arguments.

Write a brief summary of the decision and resulting changes.

How could this situation have been prevented?

What are two things you are going to do in your class/practice to ensure this situation does not occur?

Briefly compare and contrast the two legal cases.

What are some implications you can draw from the two legal cases?