Special Day Class Purposal Project

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The purpose of this project is to determine students? ability to develop a comprehensive program for a Special Day Class. Students will be able to demonstrate competency in development, modification and delivery of a core curriculum for students with mild to moderate disabilities based on California Standards. The project should include, but may not be limited to, the following components:
1.Syllabus: Develop a course syllabus for a selected core academic to be used for a selected group of students in special education. Choose a one-year academic course, grade level, SDC type, and disability type for the target population. This syllabus should contain course overview/objectives, course requirement, course material, grading system, class rules.
2.Lesson Planning: Design a pacing guide which covers one term. Make sure the selected chapters and lessons will cover essential California Standards. This section should cover one term calendar as well as list of weekly and daily activities.
3.Roll-book: Design a roll-book indicating students? status as well as their progress. The roll-book should contain sections on attendance, classwork/homework, behavior, grades, and a section for special observations and other important data.
4.Classroom Design: Create a floor plan, seating chart, and other relevant physical settings for this delivery model while considering nature and severity of the disabilities.
5.Behavior Intervention: Develop a comprehensive behavior intervention program to deal with the target population. Include different levels of behaviors, consequences and a sequential plan of action to deal with more severe behavior problems. This is different than class rules in course syllabus.
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