Spanish Society Book Report

Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Spanish Society 1400 – 1600 In the 2 chapters of Spanish Society from the 15th to the 17th century, Ruiz tries to recreate the patterns of daily life as well as Spanish attitudes toward a number of things including entertainment, travel, food, dress, and honor. In this essay, the themes of travel and honor from the two chapters are discussed comprehensively. These themes are discussed in the historical context of 15th century Spanish society. Theme of Travel This theme is evident throughout the two chapters. Ruiz (80) pointed out that in the year 1440, the Infanta Dona Blanca, along with her mother who was the Queen of Navarre, travelled to Castile in order to get married to the Infante Don Enrique who was her cousin and successor to the Castile throne. On the way to Valladoid where the wedding was to occur, the Infanta Dona Blanca travelled through several Castilian towns and cities. In the text, Ruiz (80) noted that an agreement was reached that because both Infante/princess Dona Blanca and Inf