Sonnets 130

Order Instructions/Description


1-Paraphrase your chosen poem (a line-by-line translation).
◦Identify at least 3 literary devices found within the assigned chosen text. Point out where each can be found and what device is being used.
◦Finally, prepare at least 1 question to ask the class about the poem you are working on.
2- Still working with the same poem, you are now to find 2 relevant and reliable articles from academically-credible sources on the poet, poem, or about some element of the construction of the work (ie. use of devices, or the like).
please post the bibliographic information in proper MLA Works Cited format for each article and then write a brief summary of each article’s main points as well as a personal reaction to each article–did it help your overall understanding of the work, confuse the issue, enlighten you about some aspect of the work?
please it should be 1 page for each question, that means the whole pages # should be 2 pages.