Sociology of Development

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Sociology of Development Coursework Essay Topics:
Choose any ONE of the following:
1) Critically assess the following: (a) what do we mean by development? (b) What indices are used to measure it? (c) How useful are these indices? (d) Is development the same as progress?
2) Utilising the work of a variety of different theorist’s like Warren assess the impact colonial and imperialist policies had on development in the so called ‘Third World’.
3) What are the principal features, dynamics and contradictions of the capitalist mode of production?
4) Critically evaluate the work of Rostow, Frank and Wallerstein on development drawing out the key differences between each perspective.
5) Utilising the work of Brenner consider the origins of capital accumulation and capitalist development and what unique insights he brings to the discussion of development.
6) Drawing on the work of a variety of contemporary theorists critically evaluate the Globalisation discourse.
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