Social tourism report

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Social Tourism Report
Note: more deeply the company must be in Australia, the company’s name is Freedom Australia. Choose a specific product or program. Choose one specific customer
Report structure: 15 pages. Including all structure.
– Executive summary.
– Introduction.
– Industry overview.
– Company overview: Freedom Australia
ü Marketing objectives.
ü Current situation and market overview.
ü Industry analysis (whole industry, this is what they are doing, competitors, market share, who are you direct competitors, are they in partnership).
ü What is the product (specific product or program)?
ü Who is your customer (specific customer)? Why do they do it?
ü Industry environment (Market size and growth + SWOT+ competition).
ü External environment (economic, demographic, social and culture factors, political factors, technological factors).
– Key issues and challenges (relevant)
– Their marketing strategies e.g. (product, price, distribution, and promotion).
– Digital communication program:
ü What are their DCP they used this time?
ü How can target consumers; DCP needs to be relevant and deliberately targeted).
– Recommendations (Relevant theories).
– Conclusion.
– References list. use acadimic references