Social Networking sites threaten privacy rights

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Social Media Explosion: Do social networking sites threaten privacy rights? (Marcia Clemmett).
I want you to write a debate speech against the topic, “Social Networking sites threaten privacy rights.” So basically, you have to write the contrary argument of the topic, which is "Social Networking sites DOES NOT threaten privacy rights."
But for the FIRST page of the paper, I want you to make a chart first and list about 5-7 EACH of the Pros and Cons of the resolution and placing arguments to why it is true and false. (More information, you can see the handout, "How do I write a speech (case)?" that I will upload later.
The other 3 pages of the paper, I want you to choose the 3 strongest CONS from the chart, and make it a complete debate speech with it. Starting with an Introduction, Thesis, 3 strongest contentions, and a Conclusion. On top of the page, please write what the RESOLUTION is. (More information will be on the handout that I will upload called "Sample Pro Speech," which you can see it as the sample.)
In the end, please prepare 3-5 questions for me to ask my opponent about their arguments which is the PROS of the topic and also the questions would be to clarify arguments and evidence presented by the other and demonstrate flaws in the opponent’s arguments. (More Information will be on the handout that I will upload)
Please read and see the handouts that I will upload carefully for more instructions and more informations.
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