Social Media Marketing

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



The task is to write a Report on the following Blog .
Some Information about the above mentioned Blog .
The main idea of this blog was to :
Emphasize the importance of social media marketing on social media websites .
How do forced advertisment affect the users , paid vs free services .
I think watching a 15 sec ad on youtube is better than paying for monthly subscriptions for add free content . Discuss this .
Future of Social media .
How can a social media campagin focus on its main target customers ?
Some sucessful social media marketing campaigns .
The blog was promoted on facebook , google plus etc .
The blog is updated regularly etc .
1.Executive summary Brief summary that highlights single points in relation to main criteria – 
updates, content, promotion, measures/results and insight 
2. Introduction Describe your blog. What is the blog about? Any thought behind the posts? Any plan? Any process followed? etc.
3. Process Updates – frequency, timing and any other specific detail about the updates. 
4. Content Discussion on choice of the content. Explanation of how is it interesting, relevant and reflective? How does it add value to the reader? 
5. Promotion Discussion of your promotional activities. Best practices 
6. Measurement and Results What measurement tools have you used and why? What did you find…what works and what does not? Was your blog successful or not? Why? What did you learn…some insights? 
7. Conclusion What did you discover and learn about blogging? Share some insights? 
8. Screenshots Add atleast 2 screenshots of the blog as well .