Social Media Marketing

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



what i was told by my teacher is :

“”Content of your research proposal:
1. Title – (is it feasible & worthwhile?) – likely to change during a research process
2. Background – context within the literature, definition of constructs and research scope (around 4 Pages )

3. Research objectives – what you seek to achieve, Research Questions and/or hypothesis – key issues & basic assumptions; ( around 2 pages )

4. Research Design – can be divided into two parts: research method and aspects of data collection ( around 4 Pages )””


My ideas and explanations of teacher guidelines :

1. i wanted to a research about social media marketing ( if u can make the title more detailed and research proposal level based on my hypothesis that am gonna write below in number 3 )

2. is just defining terminologies you gonna use from references and sources based on my idea in number 3

3. i only came up with this hypothesis ” Visual posts on social media platforms are more appealing to users therefore have positive response rate ” , my idea is that when people share stuff on social media like Facebook, tweeter , Instagram or any other existing social media when it is just text we tend to skip it , but if it had a picture or a video would read it and it would get our attention . that makes us even share it on our pages and make it spread more and more Xross social media. because an image or a video can describe million words . and our nature as humans our brains get simulated more with visuals than just text thats why they get our attention ( get some scientific data or info support that please with trusted source ). so how can companies use that to their advantages in marketing or branding from like their official pages or something like that.

that was my rough hypothesis and ideas , i want”” 3.Research objectives – what you seek to achieve, Research Questions and/or hypothesis – key issues & basic assumptions;”” TO BE MORE MARKETING RELATED .please adjust or even refined my hypothesis and all the others requirements based on my ideas or what u see more fitting to a research proposal level.

4. mythology (that i will follow ) ill start with interviews so i can know what kind of Questions ill be asking in my 2nd step which is survey ( this just a rough idea please write it in more detail and make it look research proposal level)