Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

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The Final Writing Assignment will be based on the readings we?ve done .
Following the first writing assignment. For this assignment we will be writing a 3-4 page analytical essay in response to these readings. Assignments are to be submitted online by the due date. Late papers will not be accepted; papers will not be accepted via email.
Students have the option of revising their essays on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight as a foundation for this 3 -4 page essay. All papers shall be double -spaced, written with size 12 Times New Roman Font, and with 1? margins. These are typically not the default settings in Microsoft Word, so make sure to check and double ?check the settings to verify that these are being used. See reverse for formatting example.
When writing your essay, please write about ways in which some of the themes we?ve discussed in class are present. For example: the center of Samuel Beckett?s play Krapp?s Last Tape is the solitary figure of Krapp himself ? a man who, on a birthday late in his life, considers his past through old recordings he?s made on past birthdays. He listens to these recordings as though listening to his past selves, and finds himself confronted with these former selves and with the difference between his perceptions of life then and now. He must also confront the decisions of his former self and must, once again, relive many of the experiences replayed for him on a
given ?Spooool! ? In this way, Beckett?s play not only engages with notions of identity, memory, and ?the present? in connection to ?the past,? but it also challenges standard conventions of performance and drama itself, through its monologues embedded within monologues, repetitive actions and language, and admixture of each of these. As such, little is as it seems in Krapp?s Last Tape, and perception mingles with reality to make a uniquely ?Beckettian? dramatic experience when writing your essay, please include the following:
1) An introduction which includes a clearly defined Thesis statement.
2) An essay body that is organized by topic and separated into paragraphs. It should
also be written in present tense, quoting appropriately when needed, according to
MLA guidelines.
3) A conclusion that summarizes the essay, restates the thesis and all supporting points.
4) A title, and include your Professor?s name, your name, your class and section number as well as the date in a section at the top left ?hand corner of the paper.
5) In-text citations throughout as well as a Works -Cited page at the end of the essay. You are not limited to the example I have given. Feel free to surprise me. MLA guidelines can be
Also, please Remember that plagiarism will get you an F.
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