"Simulation" by Baudrillard and "Republic" by Plato Summary

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“Simulation” by Baudrillard and “Republic” by Plato
Write a 2 page response paper to the following:
In the chapter, ?the End of the Panopticon,? Baudrillard suggests, ?Such immixture, such a viral, endemic, chronic, alarming presence of the medium?But we must be careful of the negative twist discourse gives this?from a representative sphere of meaning to the genetic sphere of the programmed signal.? (55) What does he mean by this segment? How does this segment relate to (1) Plato?s allegory of the cave and to (2) the allegory of the map and the territory? Conclude with a summary of Baudrillard?s thesis – and a statement that examines the relevance of Baudrillard?s theory in contemporary American society. If you had to create a slogan for Baudrillard?s Simulations, what would it be?
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