Simple Java Chess Assignment

Order Instructions/Description

Chess Game … what it does:
ï‚· This game draws the pieces in their starting place on the Chess board
ï‚· Pieces can be dragged and dropped on new squares.
What the Chess Game does not doÂ
ï‚· It doesn’t limit the game to 2 players
ï‚· It doesn’t enforce taking turns … in fact chaos would ensue if 2 people tried to drag a piece at the same time
ï‚· Doesn’t know anything about the game of chess … free for all for where a piece can go. In fact you can stack all of the pieces on top of each other.
What you can implement:
ï‚· You could make it a game between 2 players which take turns
ï‚· Add chess brains so that pieces can only move to places which fit their move capability.
ï‚· When a piece is captured, it could be removed from the board.
ï‚· You might want to have the chess game as the Center part of a boarder layout. Then you could have one panel to display the captured pieces
ï‚· You could have a status line that displays players names and whose turn it is and anything else useful
ï‚· Sometimes chess is played where there is a ticking clock of how much time each player has taken.
ï‚· You could make the game Pausable (remember the pausable tictactoe game). Because the game is Serializable it can be easily written to a file. Later this file could be read in to restore the state of the game.
EDIT: most of the code is already finished, only need a few of the methods in the last section implemented