Should the President be allowed to kill terrorism suspects without a trial?

The purpose of each of these response essays is to encourage you to become familiar with issues in American Politics. However, these exercises are also designed to increase your critical thinking and writing skills. You will be required to do more than summarize information. To earn the best grade possible on this paper, you will need to integrate information into your essay to produce a legible, polished product. Assignment -Should the President be allowed to kill terrorism suspects without a trial? This American Political topic covers an issue of debate in American Politics; your job is to help the reader understand the debate and where you stand on it. You must identify arguments for and against each side of the debate on the topic. After laying out both sides, you will then argue which side you think is correct. Essay Structure The essay should include an introduction, main body, and conclusion. The introduction should be short and concise. The purpose of the introduction is not to take up space, but to prepare the reader of your essay for what is to come. The introduction should do three things. First, it should outline the topic you will cover in the essay. Second, it should tell the reader why the chosen topic is important. Third, it should give the reader a clear idea of where you are going in your paper. In other words, it should be a roadmap that tells the reader what to expect as they read on, as well as what you plan to argue. If a reader leaves the introductory section uncertain of what you are doing, than you have failed in properly setting the stage for your essay. After the essay comes the main body of the paper. This section should occupy the bulk (or body) of your essay. As noted earlier, you need to lay out and discuss arguments for each side of the debate. To be very clear, you need to present a minimum of three arguments supporting each side. Note that you cannot simply say what they arguments are, you need to actually talk about why the argument supports the side that it does. I would plan on devoting a page to each side of whatever topic you choose. Following the presentation of arguments, I expect you to critique the arguments of both sides. A critique is your attempt to find the flaws in the arguments that have been presented in support of one side. Regardless of how you feel about the issue, you should be able to see the weak spots in both sides. I want you to specifically identify those weak spots. For example, the claim that abortion on demand should not be overturned by the Supreme Court typically is supported by the argument that there is a right of privacy in the Constitution. A critique could note that the Constitution does not enumerate a right of privacy. Another example would be if an author writes that the death penalty deters crime and offers evidence of a low rate of violent crime in states where executions (say, Texas) are common. An example of a critique is the retort that there are multiple factors causing a lower rate of violent crime. How does the author know that the use of the death penalty is the cause? This section should be about a page or so. After you critique both sides, I want you to take a side and tell me where you stand and why. To be clear, you must take a position. You cannot receive full credit if you do not take a stand. This section should be relatively short, perhaps two paragraphs long. You should then close with a short conclusion (one or two paragraphs). You must include citations for where you got the evidence / ideas that you presented in the essay. Note that I will penalize those who fail to give proper credit to outside sources.