Should Euthanasia be Legalized?

Instructions to candidates: 
Plan, research and write an academic research essay on a topic of your choice.  This may be on a scientific, sociocultural or other topic, but you must first discuss and agree an appropriate title with your lecturer.
Essays should show evidence of critical, analytical thinking, targeted use of relevant sources and coherent logical argument using appropriate academic writing conventions.
Sample titles: 
·         Stem cell research – ethical barriers versus scientific progress
·         The effectiveness of alternative/complementary therapies in cancer treatment
·         Surrogacy across borders – is international regulation necessary?
·         The impact of screen time on a child’s cognitive development
·         Discuss the extent of academic success of female students in co-educational secondary schools
·         The role of pharmaceutical companies in the eradication of serious diseases in developing countries
·         The impact of participation in sport on academic performance in secondary school students in (name country/region)
·         Attitudes of sports organizations and participants to the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport
·         How to manage Ireland’s obesity problem
·         Having a physical or intellectual disability is less of a barrier nowadays than in the past to full participation in society in (name country or region). Discuss.