Should alcohol drinking age be reduced or increased

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Topic The One Point Speech The one point speech is actually a partial speech. It is part of what is often referred to as the Statement of Reasons Speech. You are expected to fully develop one main idea that is actually a reason (explanation) for a particular attitude. Specifically, you are asked to build a pyramid of ideas that fully support one main idea, thereby demonstrating an understanding of the outlining process as a proven data processing tool. Begin this assignment by choosing one of 50 topics provided by the instructor. Use the outline of your One Point Speech to deliver the speech extemporaneously or prepare a manuscript presentation of your One Point Speech. The criteria for evaluating the one point speech is linked to the homepage. Preparing the One Point Speech Choose a topic. Prepare a clear introduction, body and conclusion. Introduction Body Conclusion Outline your ideas and prepare to extemporaneously delivery this partial speech. Example: Thesis: Christmas is my favorite holiday. One Main Point (Reason): Christmas is my favorite holiday because ________________. Fill in the blank and prepare your speech by supporting this one main idea. Outline your ideas. The Main Idea Use complete sentences. This should be 1-2 minutes of information. Key Concepts: Extemporaneous delivery, thesis, outlining, one fully developed idea, supporting materials Point Value for This Assignment: 25 points
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