Serial Podcast Review

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You will complete this assignment once you have finished the Serial Podcast. Using course content from lectures, your textbook and the podcast answer the following questions. Please make sure that you are including examples from lectures and/or the text in your answer to demonstrate an understanding of the content discussed over the course of the semester. Now that you have heard it all, what is your opinion of Adnan’s guilt? What would your verdict be if you were on that jury (keeping in mind that the verdict and your opinion may not be the same)? Explain what evidence persuades you the most to your opinion? Explain what evidence persuades you the most to your verdict (if it’s different)? This assignment is 15% of your grade (150 points total). You will be graded on quality of your writing, organization of ideas, evidence of critical thinking skills, proper APA citation, and grammar. Papers should be no less than 3 pages and no more than 5 pages in length. Please do not include a cover page. NOTE: WRITER MUST HAVE LISTENED TO THE PODCAST, “SERIAL” TO BE ABLE TO WRITE THIS PAPER EFFECTIVELY.