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What is a capstone?
A capstone is a culmination of knowledge that you have gained in this program.
It is a major paper in one area of your interest in the human services field. It is expected that in a capstone paper a student is able to integrate what s/he has learned in the course of studying in the program in a variety of coursed such as Program Evaluation, Case Management, Internship, etc.
The paper must be well written, organized, and thorough and must display critical thinking and the ability to evaluate and reflect.
I believe that an appropriate capstone in a Master of Science in Human Services program should consist of three major parts:
1. A review of the literature in the chosen area.
2. Programs in Connecticut which serve this population (4-5 programs) or agencies.
3. Evaluation of one of the programs and your recommendations. Apply your knowledge of what you have learned in the Program Evaluation course.
Your review of the literature must be thorough enough of an overview to position the reader in the chosen area.
This paper is considered to be equal to a thesis. Therefore I expect that you will use a minimum of 12 references. It should be at least 25 pages in length. The first half of your paper should cover the literature review, and the second half should cover available programs which serve the particular population you have selected, followed by the last 4-5 pages to include your program evaluation of program only.
Acceptable sources to use:
1. Professional Journals
2. Textbooks
3. Dissertations
4. Government reports
5. Organization reports
(Popular magazines such as “Psychology Today” and newspapers are not approved sources)

Quotations should be minimized and, if necessary to include them, they should be referenced according to the most recent APA (American Psychology

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