Scholarly Article Review

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2nd paper should have :Here is a Concordia Library link to provide you with additional information for how to find primary research articles:

Locate three primary source research articles related to your research question or thesis statement. A primary research article is an article written by the researches who describe their own study. Read your three articles and answer the following questions for each article. Dont simply list them out but rather begin to synthesize your ideas from these so that you can use this material for your final literature review assignment. Synthesis and focusing on the key details here is critical.
What is the topic (focus) of the study?
What are the research question(s)?
Who are the study participants?
How was the study conducted?
What did they find in the end?
What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of this piece?

Use the template to help you with this assignment. Please note: this assignment is designed to be a smaller start on the larger work that you will submit in Saturdays literature review assignment. As such, the time and effort put into this paper will give you a solid start on the draft for Saturdays paper. You will see that the templates for these two assignments are very similar so that you can use one to build to the next