Sand Mining on North Stradbroke Island

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Assignment One Essay (word limit : 1500) (100 marks)

This assignment is relevant to the following course objectives :

 Converse proficiently upon general knowledge and current affairs of the day

 Appreciate the history of technology and associated benefits to human society

 Understand the basic concepts behind environmental sustainability

 Understand the basic concepts behind environmental impact assessment

 Understand the role of politics, politicians, power and government

 (Appreciate the relevance of social structures and values) #

 (Suggest strategies for working effectively in a multi-cultural environments) #

 (Appreciate the basic philosophies behind modern engineering management) #

not formally covered in the course until later than week 4, but the assignment does marginally touch on these areas

Assignment Task

Sand Mining on North Stradbroke Island, Queensland.

Sand mining has taken place on North Stradbroke Island since 1949, but closure of this

activity has been announced for 2019. As a starter for your background research, please


Write a structured essay (ie. structured with a main title, author (your) name, a few subtitles

and at least six references (do not include the course study materials). The title of your

structured essay is to be :- ‘Sand Mining on North Stradbroke Island, Queensland’.

  1. i) Introduction/background – briefly describe the sand industry in Queensland, and

the value of North Stradbroke Sand to the Queensland economy. Also describe

the relevant social and environmental impacts of this mining activity (~300


  1. ii) Expression of a likely viewpoint on the closure, from an Island local, whose

livelihood might be severely affected by loss of the industry. This could be

someone directly employed at the mine, or someone in a secondary flow-on

industry (eg. the village store), or somebody working in tourism (~300 words)

iii) Expression of a likely viewpoint, from a spokesperson from the Queensland

construction industry (~300 words)

  1. iv) Expression of a likely viewpoint from a Queensland Government politician,

either Liberal, Labor or Green , your choice (~300 words)

  1. v) Conclusion/overview/recommendations (~300 words)

In points ii), iii) and iv) you may write in first or third person. Write for a hypothetical, not a

real person. In your research, demonstrate that you have considered and been guided by the

course learning objectives (to found on page 12 of the course introduction booklet).