SAMSUNG (promotion managment)

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Semester Assignment:

Introduction to the project:

Whether you create an awareness campaign , or an advertising plan, you must assure your business utilizes a balanced range of  promotional tools to win the competition battle for your business and to make a  unique and memorable impression on your consumers

at any stage of promotion.


Group project.

Project “ Developing IMC plan”

  1. The following format to be adopted:
  2. Promotion opportunity analysis

1.1 Industry analysis

1.2 Competitive analysis

1.3 Target market analysis

1.4 Customer analysis and profiles

1.5 Product/Service review

  1. Setting objectives

2.1 IMC objectives

2.2 IMC budget

2.3 Agency selection

2.4 Timing: Gantt chart

  1. Developing corporate strategies (I)

3.1 Corporate Image strategy

3.2 Brand development strategy

  1. Developing corporate strategies (II)

4.1 Brand Positioning strategy

4.2 Media distribution and planning

4.3 Evaluation metrics/ KPIs

  1. Promotional Tools (I)

5.1 Sponsorship Programs

5.2 Consumer promotions

5.3 Personal selling

  1. Promotional Tools (II)

6.1 Advertising

6.2 Direct Marketing

6.3 Event marketing

  1. Promotional Materials

7.1 3 Ads series

7.2 Story boards

7.3 Press release

7.4 Direct mail

7.5 Banners ads

7.6 Bill boards

7.7 Posters

7.8 POP Exhibits

  1. Preparing whole plan

8.1 Campaign Timeline

8.2 Budget and ROI

8.3 Executive Summary



  1. Plan your project; Select set of the helpful tools to start the project:


In order to minimize your time for organizing the materials,


online to cover all the areas of  necessary planning , for example:

  1. Promotional analysis Template /workbook/handbook/brochure
  2. Objectives, Budget /workbook/handbook/brochure
  3. Market assessment template/workbook/handbook/brochure
  4. Market research template/workbook/handbook/brochure
  5. Consumer analysis template/workbook/handbook/brochure
  6. Identify milestones of the IMC plan and time required; use Gantt chart / timeline template to fill in all necessary stages


Use recommended professional templates to assemble the parts of your report.

Once done, make a form (or use one of the templates) for your group: names, e-mail,  phones; roles, planned outcomes by everyone and timeline.