Salve mentality imprinted,is black men a dying race

Assignment Requirements

This paper will be about sociology. The title will be “Imprint of Slave mentality, is Black Men a dying race” History has always repeat itself. White men have always tried to own or imprint their beliefs on black people. Black men in urban communities have failed to conquer the knowledge of progression and growth. Instead they are killing each other. This is a part of the slave mentality the white man have always pitted one black against another to prevent unity and rebellion. When the slave owner could not control, own, or dictate the black man every move normally, they were beaten, whipped, even hung. In the sixties, when the white man wanted to control and dictate to the black man, they hid behind sheets to kill and scare the black man to get their point across, Now twenty five years later, white men are hiding behind their badges doing the same exact thing, killing in fear of rebellion. But, the seed of hatred had been planted into black men before birth. Living in urban communities sometimes gives nourishment to the seed which was planted by the white man during slavery to divide and conquer. The seed main goal was and is for the black man to have division, distrust and disgust for one another and kill each other off.

The same can be said about the African-American murder rate. However other aspects of the slave mentality apply here also. Many of today’s African-Americans appear to accept the 19th century slave owner’s view of themselves. During that time, a slave’s life was worth little or nothing. In fact it was not illegal to kill a slave whether the murderer was black or white.


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