Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Structuring your 1000 word Research paper
While your Assignment 1 mind-map entries can be written as informal notes and
thoughts, the 1000 word Research paper component of the assignment should be a
formal piece of academic writing in a Word document and attached to your Moodle
Blog. Here’s a suggested structure to use:
Introduce the task (to create a promo clip etc.).
Who is my chosen organisation, what is the message they wish you to promote and
who is their target audience? What will I need to research to fulfil the organisation’s
promotional needs?
Why is this research important to my task to produce a promo clip for the chosen
Literature Review
What have other people researched or produced in the area that is relevant to my
chosen organisation (or similar) and their cause or issue? Remember to synthesise
your review of the topic, group your discussion by themes or aspects rather than
writing about all of your sources separately e.g. If two different authors are talking
about a similar aspect of the cause/issue/organisation/stylistic techniques from the
same perspective, then group them together. If another author writes about the
same aspect from another perspective also group this with the first two.
What did I do to collect information and data? What sources did I use and why?
What keywords did I search for?
What did I find?
What do I think about what I found and how will I use this to inform my promo clip?
Conclusion and Implications
Summarise  how this research has shaped the ideas I have for my promo clip.
Summarise  the perspective the organisation wants to promote, their target audience
and the message and audiovisual style you will employ to fulfil their promotional
Reference List
Contains all of the sources (literature and other artefacts) I referred to in the body of
my research paper, at least 5 of these are academic sources. Use Harvard
Referencing format.
What details did I want to append to support the findings of this study?