Russian Foreign Policy

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Russias energy policies : national, interregional and global levels / edited by Pami Aalto.

  • The Chechen struggle : independence won and lost / Ilyas Akhmadov and Miriam Lanky

  • Putins Russia and the enlarged Europe / Roy Allison, Margot Light and Stephen White

  • Russia, the West, and military intervention / Roy Allison.

  • Smart defense and the future of NATO: Can the Alliance meet the Challenges of the twenty-first Century? Lisa Aronsson and Molly O-Donnell

  • A little war that shook the world: Georgia, Russia and the future of the West / Ronald D. Asmus

  • Eurasias ascent in energy and geopolitics: Rivalry or Partnership for China, Russia and Central Asis? / ed. Robert E. Bedeski and Niklas Swanstrom

  • Russian proposals for economic integration in the CIS region and European prospects for Belarus / Anna Maria Dyner

-Shifting Priorities in Russias foreign and security policy / Roger E. Kanet and Remi Piet

  • Russias homegrown insurgency: Jihad in the North Caucasus

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