Rugged Individualism

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Students are to contemplate the following question: “What is rugged individualism from the perspective of the authors we have currently read?” Which of the readings assigned so far do you think had the most influence over our country’s definition of rugged individualism? Your task for this paper is to address the following points:
1. Identify those authors that you wish to cover.
2. Which author’s arguments more closely match today’s conception of rugged individualism?
3. Provide your own definition of rugged individualism.
2. Five pages (coversheet not included). NOTE: You can type till your heart’s content.
3. The paper should have 1-inch margins with a font size of 11 or 12 and be double-spaced.
4. Written well in your own words.
5. Turned in no later than Wednesday, November 16, 2012. LATE PAPERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!
6. If you opt to e-mail your final paper I ask that you send it as a file attachment. Microsoft Word is preferred. Email the
assignment as an attachment to:
PAPER LAYOUT: It is recommended that your paper be laid out in the following manner:
1. Coversheet: Paper title, name, class, section number, e-mail address and instructor’s name.
2. Introduction: Begin your paper with an introduction that tells the reader how your paper is going to be laid out. Never assume the reader already knows about the subject you are writing about. Tell the reader what you are writing about all while thinking about the following phrase “Here is the path I’m taking you down and here is why!”
3. Body: This is the “guts” of your paper.
4. Conclusion: State how the American political system can be improved.
ABOUT CITING: The last section of your paper should contain a bibliography of reference materials used for this paper. There are various style formats available for use, including APA, Chicago, etc. Students need only to utilize the suggested style when listing their resource materials.