Role Of The Left In Organizing Industrial Unions

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1930 – 1940 The Depression and the Development of Industrial Unionism

What was the role of the left in organizing industrial unions? Your review should identify, summarize and evaluate the ideas and information in the article. What was the author’s purpose in writing this article? Outline the argument the author is making. As you read the article note the date of publication, look at the bibliography and reflect on what types of sources does the author use. They should be approximately 750 words in length. *The first paragraph may contain: a statement of your thesis the author’s purpose in writing the article comments on how the article relates to other work on the same subject information about the author’s reputation or authority in the field *The body of the review should: state your arguments in support of your thesis follow the logical development of ideas that you mapped out in your outline include quotations from the article which illustrate your main ideas *The concluding paragraph may: *summarize your review *restate your thesis