Risk Tolerance

A situation in which your organization has faced risk.

Describe the risk-related situation or event.

What was the Risk Response Plan?

How did the leadership team handle that risk?

What could have been done differently?

What were the lessons learned?

Please create a fictitious risk-related situation or event (preferably some IT type related event, etc…)  In this case, the organization will be an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture.  And please create a solution to this fictitious risk-related situation or event per the directions above.

Make sure to integrate strategic concepts, such as the SWOT Analysis, Balanced Scorecard, and Porter’s Five Forces.

Make sure you support your work with citations/references following the APA form and style of writing. Citations serve to strengthen your paper and clearly display whether you have integrated anything from the class into your paper.

Provide a properly formatted APA style references page.

Create a PowerPoint presentation in preparation for your midterm exam. The presentation is a high-level discussion that you might present to your upper management team.

The PowerPoint requirements include:

15 Slides

Address the main topics you will write about extensively for your midterm.

Include at least 8 sources, which you will also list on your midterm exam.

Presentation must look professional.