Rhyme Book Analysis

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1) You’d have to figure out what a Rhyme book is. So, for this question, describe Rhyme Books–what are they? What are their distinguishing characteristics as items/artifacts?

2) You’d have to figure out how they are used. So, for this question, describe the use(s) of Rhyme Books. What are they for? Why do they exist?

3) You’d have to make some cultural values connections. So, for this question, consider what the kinds and uses of Rhyme Books might indicate about their users and rap artist culture in general. What might the choice of each kind of rhyme book indicate about the artistic (or other) values of a rapper who uses that kind of notebook values? Think strengths and weaknesses of using each type of rhyme book. Refer to Question 2 as needed, but what does the existence and use of Rhyme Books show that rap artists as a culture value?