Review 5

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Independently answer the following essay questions using your own words:

1)Differentiate between mechanized, semi-automated, automated, and information-directed handling systems.
2)Explain the roles and differences between consumer and industrial focused packaging.
3)Describe how the changes in transportation security since 9/11 have impacted global sourcing.
4)Discuss the logistics considerations for operating in global supply chain.
5)Identify controllable and uncontrollable factors of global sourcing of an aviation or aerospace firm and apply a strategy to manage their global supply chain. Provide a two-page minimum for your Item 5 response.

Paper Requirements
The response to each essay item should not exceed one (1) page except for item 5 that has a 2-page requirement (6 pages in total for the assignment) using double-line spacing and 1-in. page margins throughout. The writing should be free of spelling and grammar errors, and comply with the current APA style guidelines for citations and references.