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Do you believe, based upon your own knowledge and what you have learned in this text, that the DHS mission of preventing terrorist attacks is greater, the same as, or less significant than its mission to prepare for, mitigate, respond to, and provide relief following natural and more traditional man made hazards? Explain your answer with examples.

Bullock, J.A., Haddow, G.D. and Coppola, D.P. (2013). Introduction to homeland security (4th ed.). Waltham, MA: Elsevier, Inc.

Remember: Your Turn papers should be a minimum of one FULL page of text (typewritten), answering a question or expressing your opinion on a topic. Your Turn papers should reflect 12-point font with double spacing between the lines, and the proper format (APA style) when citing or referencing published materials. While these papers require APA formatting, an Abstract is not necessary, but a TITLE PAGE and a REFERENCES page at the end are mandatory.