Resources Management (HRM)

Order Instructions/Description


1) Use concepts in Chapters 1 through 4 of the textbook (Dubrin, A.J. (2016). Leadership: Research findings, practice, and skills. Cengage) to describe the traits, characteristics, and leadership style of three of Enron’s managers/leaders.

2) Using the descriptions in Chapter 6 of the text, describe the level of moral development of Ken
Lay, Jeff Skilling, and Andy Fastow. Support your assertions with relevant examples.

3) What caused the ethical problems at Enron? Were they due to personal failings, character flaws, failed oversight and regulation, situational pressures (for example, from the market to succeed), conspiracy among several organizations, or simple human greed? Do you think the managers/leaders shown in the DVD would have behaved similarly in another organization? Or was it something unique about Enron? Do you think the ethical problems at Enron are uncommon or are they more prevalent than some people might imagine? Provide a clear and convincing rationale/argument to support your assertions.

4)What are some examples of ethical issues that could occur (or have occurred) where you have worked? How have you (or would you) respond if you observed an unethical act? What principles, questions, or guidelines can (do) you use to determine whether something is ethical or unethical?