Resource Summary

Order Instructions/Description
Will upload document with details and resources that are required.

Resource Sharing: As students conduct research for each of their discussions and their project, they may share interesting academic articles and websites that relate to the course material of History of Western Art 1 (Prehistory through the Middle Ages).

COMPLETE: The descriptions of each of the resources below: brief description of the resource, description of the benefit and description of the academic quality. Provide a URL if required.

When providing a resource, please list the following:
• Title of Resource
• Author (if present)
• Date
• URL (https://)
• Brief description of the resource (1 paragraph).
• Description of the benefit to your understanding of art history or art historical practice. (1 paragraph).
• Description of the academic quality of the source (peer reviewed, author, etc.) (1 paragraph).

Notes: Any resources already listed in the course resource area under “Open Educational Resources” (Mainly KhanAcademy and the Helibrunn Timeline) will not be counted. This includes sub-articles of these sites. Sites not of strong academic quality (Blogs, Tourist Sites, Encyclopedias, Sites not relating to the time-period of the course, Witcombe’s Resources) will also not be accepted material and you will be asked to try again.