Researching a Social Control Issue

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You are a criminal justice consultant for a criminal justice related agency (e.g., District Attorney’s Office, Law Enforcement Agency, Prison, or Corrections Agency, etc.). Your boss, the head of the agency, has charged you with identifying a current criminal justice related community problem of which he/she would like to address.

You are tasked with researching a social control issue such as, but not limited to gangs, juvenile justice, criminalities, homeland security related issues, a citizen’s academy, etc., towards building a criminal justice program, policy, or community initiative that addresses the problem in attempt to better society.

Your program or policy must be grounded in sound criminological theory as evidenced by the empirical research.
Your program or policy must be multifaceted in order to address causation of crime or issue of your choice.
Your program must contain a strategic plan that addresses and responds to using empirical data and research a societal issue you are passionate about.
Example: Gangs wreak havoc on communities. There are numerous community initiative programs, such as Gang Of One in Charlotte, North Carolina designed to address and respond to the broad scope societal problem gangs create. Gang related programming aims to decrease membership in gangs and gang related criminal activity. What kind of program do you think might work?

Please research a topic you would like to have considered for approval by your instructor that is criminal justice related and also a societal problem, such as gang violence, domestic violence, etc. You must narrow the scope of your topic immensely to something like Gang Violence of the MS-13s in Los Angeles. Your topic cannot be too broad. It must be narrow enough that you are able to complete the project this term. Too broad and you will not be able to complete it in only 12 weeks.
Compose a paper entitled Capstone Project Topic Proposal using formal APA format.
Using Bloom’s Taxonomy as your framework, design an outline that Identifies, Describes, Discusses, and Analyzes your proposed topic. Transfer the concepts of your outline into the headings of your proposal draft. Flesh out each section using credible research and persuade your instructor why your selected topic is important to research towards designing a new public policy or community initiative with the overall goal in mind remaining focused on public safety and/or criminal justice.
This assigning is to be 1000 words minimum or three and 1/4 pages in length excluding the title page and references page. Remember that an average academic sentence at the graduate level is approximately 20-25 words and an average paragraph is approximately 250 words. Therefore, a 1000 word proposal is merely four paragraphs at minimum.
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