Research the Evolution of a Formal Organization-Harvard University

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The basic assignment: Research the evolution of a formal organization. The theoretical framework should be derived from Aldrich and Ruef’s book Organizations Evolving. You are required to obtain three or more sources, which means a bibliography. Your sources can be anything official: “mission statements,” autobiographies/biographies by founders or CEOs, historical documents??i.e., newspaper clippings, other things??and so on. While your paper is descriptive in nature, you must use Aldrich’s evolutionary framework to make sense of your organization’s emergence, growth, and if it is the case, decline. Keep in mind the 6 approaches Aldrich suggests dominate organizational analysis (Chap. 3)?­it might help to use one of these or more in your analysis. Questions to consider: When/Where was the org. founded? Who founded it? Why? Was there other organizations like it? What was the environment like that it was founded in? Other organizations? Technology? The state or legal institution? What types of selection pressures did it face early on? Faced during its growth? Faces today? What factors or contingencies have the most impact on the form the organization takes? If it no longer exists, what selection forces wiped it out? How has it changed? Why has it changed? How has leadership and entrepreneurship effected the organization? What does the organizational structure look like? Roles? Status-Positions? Division of Labor? Hierarchy? How does the organization create commitment? Sustain itself materially? How does the organization control the behavior of its members and motivate them? How does it deal with the “free rider” problem? How distinct are its boundaries and how does it maintain them? How does it interact with like and unlike organizations?
Sample Paper
The organization that I have opted to study its theoretical framework and evaluate how it has evolved to its present state is the Harvard University. Before getting into the evolutional details of the organization we have to have precise background information of the organization; as a way of establishing the information needed of the organization in question (Bunting, pg 5). Harvard University is a private league university that was founded in the year 1636, in Cambridge, Massachusetts by the Massachusetts legislature. It was the first and the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States of America (Harvard College, par 3). Harvard University was founded by John Harvard who was the person who sponsored its activities and construction. The college was initially formed with the aim of training Congregation and Unitarian clergy and even though the college wasn’t in any way affiliated to the church it was offering courses that included the doctrines of the church. In the 18th and 19th Century college emerged as a cultural amongst the Boston elites when the 21st president of the university between the years (1869- 1909) Charles Eliot decided to transform the college and affiliated it with other colleges…ORDER NOW
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