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Research Report


To begin writing a research paper, you must first perform research to increase your knowledge of the Topic. What have other scholars written about your topic? Do they affirm or challenge your own opinions or assumptions? This research report is not only to assist you in finding relevant scholarship and to hone your critical reading skills, but also to collaboratively benefit one another through the sharing of the ideas which you encounter in your articles.


The written summary is worth 25% of your final paper grade, so be thorough and as precise as possible in your work.


Follow these steps

  1. Your Article for your research report is (I will upload):

McGlothin, Erin. “No Time like the Present: Narrative and Time in Art Spiegelman’s ‘Maus’.”

Narrative 11.2 (2003): 177198. Web. 30 March 2015.


*Recommend two additional sources (in MLA form): one from your article’s bibliography, and

Another from your own independent research*


  1. Carefully read and evaluate the author’s argument. For each paragraph of the article, write a

Single sentence summary. Each sentence summary should be complete with a subject and a

Verb. A paragraph conveying a simple idea can be expressed with a simple sentence, but a

Paragraph conveying a complex idea, may require a complex sentence.


  1. Format your research report as well as the SAMPLE that I have posted, especially Format your summary like the sample summary.


  1. I will upload your Article and the sample research report. Again carefully read your article and write your research Report, format your research report like the sample.


  1. The article is base on Art Spiegelman’s novel “Maus”,here is the full text of Maus