Research Proposal Worksheet;

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Research Proposal Worksheet;
Review the Week Four Journal Entry question.
Identify the need within your agency that your supervisor would like you to research. You will create a research proposal based on this need using the worksheet below.
Complete the parts below during the week they are assigned.
Include references for each part in the References section at the end of the worksheet.
Part One: Introduction
General Background for the Study (Broad objective of the research study)
Purpose of the Study (Specific objective of research study – problem statement)
Part Two: Research Hypothesis
Research Questions and Indication of Expected Outcomes (This should be a testable question.)
Justification or Rationale for Proposed Research Study
Part Three: Summary of Literature
Literature Review (Review a minimum of five peer-reviewed journals that help support your project; include at least one opposing view with a counter argument.)
Part Four: Methods
Research Design (How you intend to carry out your study)
Participants (Who is your intended target or desired population?)
Procedures (What your participants will do during the study)
Analysis Methods (Proposed data collection strategies and related analysis – how you will obtain the data and what you will do with it)
Part Five: Implications
Implications of Your Study to the Field of Human Services

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