Research Proposal and Identification of secondary data sources

you need to find article about people awareness in the ethical industry, what do people think about sustainable and ethical fashion designer and sustainable product.

you need to find 12-15 article with the same topic from 2010 till now. then write it in the table

compare the on what result you get
look for the keyword
goes in the back of report in the appendix

There are several ways of collecting and understanding information and finding answers to your questions, with research being one way of achieving this. The difference between research and other ways of obtaining answers to your questions is in a formalised process classified as research, whereby a researcher:
Works within a framework of a set of philosophies.
Uses methods that have been tested for validity and reliability; and, Attempts to be unbiased and objective.
In this subject, the research process is the prime focus with students introduced to a number of key steps, concepts and associated terminology.
This assessment task, Assessment 2, requires you to develop a Research Proposal (in part) for the Research Problem in the fashion industry that you have identified. This task forms the basis for the secondary and primary research that is undertaken, and reported, in Assessment 3.

You are required to identify a research problem/opportunity in the fashion industry and then develop a research proposal (in part) that seeks to answer the problem. The assessment task requires you to demonstrate your understanding of the research process through the clear specification of the Research Problem, and the development of research objectives and associated research hypotheses.
In addition, you are required to undertake secondary research with a view to answering the Research Problem.
Secondary Data Sources – Annotated list of key secondary sources of information for the Research
This task will require you to identify and examine a range of secondary data sources with a view to assessing their usefulness in answering the Research Problem/Research Objectives. You are expected to identify and evaluate at least 10 secondary sources of information that are relatively current. In doing so it is expected that you would identify a significant number of sources that you see to be vital to your research.
This assignment requires you to collate an Annotated list of key secondary sources for your research. These sources need to be annotated with their relevance to your research on at least the following criteria:
Relevance. Which research objective does this information source best relate? Reliability & Validity. Is the source of information reliable? Is the nature of the research
Currency. Is the information current? Has the situation changed since the research was undertaken?
Significance. The significance of the information to your research should be noted (e.g., VITAL / USEFUL / POSSIBLE / MAYBE).
The assignment should be approximately 3 to 5 pages in length and be typed in 12 font, 1.5 spacing, using HARVARD referencing.


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