Research paper for International finance and banking class " MASTER LEVEL"

Order Instructions/Description


“A research paper to cover both topics that i will mention in not more than 6 pages and researching appropriate sources and citing references is excepted. You must the below two topics and make a link between them.


The topics are as following;


  1. Given the high degree of globalization of financial markets and banking, what is your interpretation of “Financial Stability in the UAE”?


  1. Suppose the UAE government decides to move away from pegging the Dirham to the Dollar. Briefly but carefully explain the possible impacts of this action on UAE’s:
  2. Trade Deficit
  3. Inflation Rate
  4. Economic Growth
  5. Financial Stability


Please bare in mind that both topics needs to be covered in not more than 5 pages EXCLUDING citations, outline, reference and charts/ statistics and appendix . So the content of the research must be single space 5 pages.


You must use online sources only for the sake of this project

The writing will be graded based on originality (your own words), clarity, logical reasoning, grammar, and organization. Researching appropriate sources and citing references is expected.


please also note that the report must be used in very simplified language but written professionally considering the fact that i am not finance background by degree and English is my second language. So I am expecting an outstanding level research.