Research paper

Do children in Full-day Kindergarten learn more than in Half-day Kindergarten?
I am interested in researching the impact of full-day kindergarten programs on early learning as I am planning to start daycare and Kindergarten businesses. It is probable that I will start these businesses in Ontario where full implementation of FDK in all schools is scheduled for September 2015. As I replicate the business model I am working on to other provinces/countries where there is no policy forcing a specific type of program for Kindergarten, I want to determine if it is worth adopting a full-day Kindergarten policy for my schools.

Term Paper: Developing from the previous points, write a research literature review including the following key elements:
An introduction outlining the purpose of your literature review;
A statement of a research question or topic for your investigation. This topic should connect to educational leadership and policy;
A description of the literature search strategy used to identify relevant research;
Identification of five research literatures (article, chapter, book, review, report, etc.) to form your review (preferably with a range of methodologies):
Citations for the 5 research literatures you will be reviewing and discussing.
Key findings emerging from your review of this literature related to your question.
Critique of the 5 literatures (strengths, limitations).
Concluding comments and further considerations (to what extent did the literature address your research question?)
Explain and appraise the theoretical or conceptual framework, research design, methods, findings and arguments/conclusions for each study/literature identified;
Provide your appraisal of main themes, findings, strengths, limitations, conclusions and gaps in the research across the studies/literatures;
Include a conclusion with your views on the extent to which the literature has or has not addressed your initial question/topic;
Use appropriate APA style throughout, including citations in text and reference list at end of text.