Research Paper

Research Paper (30% of your course grade):

For your Final Research Paper, you will select a well-known company in the aviation community to examine its organizational environment and behavior. Each week you will apply what you’ve learned to the company you selected and discuss how the company has accomplished the concept. The Final Research Paper is an ongoing process starting in Week 3 with the final paper submitted Week 8.

The paper will include an introduction of the company and discuss the company’s leadership, communication networks, decision making, negotiations process, organizational change, power, politics, organizational culture and innovation, goals and structure, strategy, technology, and organizational design.




The Final Research Paper will consist of approximately 8-10 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman with 12-point font. The paper will be written in the style set forth by the current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Use the following outline for your paper:

 Title Page

 Abstract

 Introduction or Background of Company

 Body of the Paper

 Summary / Conclusion

 References