Research Menthods in Conflict Studies

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For this assignment I only want Top Ten Writers as i paid for this service. I need a research Proposal. Please give me a writer who can handle the all project. It will be outline; final paper etc. So I need someone who is good with research especially in Qualitative research.It will be Ethnography Project.The writer can choose from place. I will send the details etc. So you need to do an ethnography research . Please read the syllabus books to know more about qualitative research. I will send it to you an example this proposal got A+ last year. I thinking to go to Starbucks or Mall since I live in Canada it has to be some similarity. So you are feel free to choose a research question. You can NOT do interview with people you only observe people and also I will need your notes because I have to send it to the prof or attached.At the moment what I need the proposal your question your proposed methodology, how to intend an analyze your research so what question. If you read the sample research proposal it will help.So please keep in touch and let me know if you have a good idea place etc.

Sample Paper
Though many Canadians fear going to funeral homes, or associating with funeral homes, but still Starbucks caf?©s in Ottawa are still flourishing even after the announcement by Starbucks management that it is opening its retail cafes in funeral homes. As an effect, this research aims as answering the question ???why is St. Laurent Starbucks cafe in Ottawa still flourishing even after its main office has announced that it will be relating with funeral homes, where most Canadians perceive sacred……ORDER NOW……
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