Research and Case Study – Where to invest in Canadian real estate for the long term

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

You will research the current economic climate of Canada and the favorable conditions (mortgage rates, down payment amounts, rental yields, ROI) allowing a potential investor to benefit. Include analysis of current mortgage trends (potential rates will rise in the near future) and cost of borrowing. Compare past and present economic drivers for real estate conditions in two key Canadian markets, Calgary in western Canada and Toronto the largest Canadian city in terms of population. Two very different cities in terms of their current economic outlooks.

Alberta is currently being heavily effected by the oil and gas industry while the Toronto housing market is hot.

Compare the beginning and rise of Canadian real estate investment trust (REIT’s) such as boardwalk REIT.

Make a case study

Assuming you have $1million in capital to invest in real estate in Canada and using the research already completed compare and contrast applying the limited capital you have in both markets. Which market Calgary or Toronto would be a better market to invest in the housing market?

(we will only look at the purchase of residential single family homes.

Build and include a financial model with three scenarios (conservative, probable, high) with return possibilities factoring in the investors ability to leverage and spread the capital and purchase more properties.

The model should include past 5 year trends and the next 5 to 10 year potential.

Please use actual properties for sale using and professional appraisal techniques to determine a fair price of the property.