Research a hotel located in NSW, Australia

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Content and topics to be covered

Research a hotel which is located in NSW, Australia, and is one of the following sectors:

  • A resort hotel
  • An Eco hotel
  • Backpacker’s hostel





The following are requirements that must be included in your assignment. You can add any extra research that you believe is necessary to support your work:


Style of the hotel

  • Must be appropriate to the market.


Location and street map

  • Explain why this location was selected.


Overview of facilities, services and room types available

  • Explain the facilities, services and rooms that the hotel offer.


Organisational structure

  • Draw up the organisational chart of the hotel; justify each position, explain their roles and responsibilities, and provide an explanation of the revenue and support centres.


Food and beverage menu

  • You can create and price the food and beverage menu by combining the menus of other similar style hotels (must be referenced), you should explain the balance of the food and beverage offered to the guests (menu analysis required).



Uniform requirements for all staff

  • Cover all positions you have presented in your organisational chart. Use pictures/illustrations to help describe to the reader.



  • Apply relevant NSW and Australian legislations and outline how they will affect the hotel’s operations.


Market analysis

  • Identify the hotel’s competitors in the market and explain the hotel’s decision,
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis;
  • Research the hotel’s weekday and weekend rates based on the above.


Marking Guide Outline

  • Your report must contain current and relevant information sources relating to the above topics. This may include Hospitality personnel, product suppliers, newspapers, magazines, food and beverage reference books, internet, trade shows and exhibitions, television shows, etc.
  • Each source must be thoroughly referenced and contain content that is relative and/or applicable to Australian hospitality (i.e. American websites outlining American food hygiene legislation would be marked incorrect).


Word Limit:

2500 words