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This essay is for my Clinical Psychology Internship application. I’m applying to two US Navy Internships and multiple Veterans Affairs facilities.

Research: Please describe your research experience and interests.

21 Nov 2014 – 31 July 2015
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Research Assistant
20 hours per week
• Under the direction of Mary S. Rodríguez-Rabassa, Psy.D., principal investigator, conducted research into relationships among inflammation, depression, anxiety and executive functions in chronic alcohol users
• Recruited by PI as results of previous “Outstanding performance”
• Charged with overall coordination and management of wide range of support for clinical research
• Administered and corrected assessment batteries, including psychological questionnaires and neuropsychological tests
• Coordinated blood and saliva test collection
• Led on the revision of the questionnaires and test correction
• Additionally, aid in data collection, data entry, and review of new literature

I’m interested on possible alexithymia signs on military personnel that are exposed to combat, deployments and special missions.

I’m also interested in the social factors that impact the behavior and decision-making on individuals. Due to this particular interest, I focused my thesis on the social factors influencing breastfeeding practices.
I’m also interested in obesity and the impact of this on mental illness, such as depression and anxiety, just to mentioned a few.

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