religious studies

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religious studies
students shall prepare an analysis project/paper, 10-15 pages in length, double-spaced, using proper forms of footnotes and bibliography (either MLA or Chicago style format) OR another format chosen in consultation with Instructor. The subject and focus of this analysis shall be a film, to be viewed by students in video format OUTSIDE of class time. Possible choices are: (1) any film from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy; (2) The Chronicles of Narnia; (3) any Harry Potter film; (4) Avatar; or (5) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish version with English subtitles ONLY!). Analysis shall include use of the methods of religious study and aspects of religion explored in this class, and how various features of religious experience, thought, and practice are portrayed in the film under examination.
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xxxxxxx Name
Professor xxxx
This movie, written, xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and co-edited by xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx a 2009 American epic science xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xx set in xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx the xxxxx humans xxx xxxxxxxxx as xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx an inhabitable xxxx in the xxxxx Centauri xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx’ actions are fuelled by the need to xxxx the mineral Unobtainium, which is x superconductor at room temperature according xx the xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx progresses xx the xxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxx inhabitants xx Pandora, xxx are xxxxxx xxx Na’xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx x humanoid xxxxxxxx In xxx xxxxxxxx of xxx film, xxxxx have xxxx numerous scenes xxxxx xxx serve xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxx of religion that is prevalent in the film. A xxxx xxxxxx xx x collection of xxxxxx xxxxx have been arranged xxxxxxxxxxxx xx advance xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx a xxxxxxx thematic xxxxx xxxxx is identified by the
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