Relationships and the Financial Consequences Custom Essay

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1.Ingrid formed a relationship with Geoff in 1981 and they married three years later. They have two grown children who are both now over the age of 21 and independent of their parents. Ingrid has been a “stay at home mum” and has not paid employment throughout the relationship. Geoff has been the sole breadwinner and the family home was purchased by him solely in 1989. Ingrid has issued divorce proceedings because of Geoff’s adultery and has made a financial application to the courts within those proceedings.
What types of financial orders can the court make and what factors are likely to influence the courts determination of Ingrid’s financial application? (20 marks)
2. If Ingrid and Geoff in the scenario 1 has never married, what potential financial applications, if any, might Ingrid be able to make against Geoff’s income and property and what significant factors should be considered? (20 marks)
3. Peter purchased his home in 2010 just one week after he had met Brian. Brian had moved in to live with him for four months. They share an intimate relationship. Yesterday evening Peter came home, from work drunk. They argued. Peter punched Brian and ordered him to leave the home, saying, “You have no right to live here. I brought this house before I met you”. The police arrested Peter and kept him overnight before releasing him with charge.
With reference to civil remedies only, advise Brian if it maybe possible to protect himself from Peter’s violent behavior, Whether it maybe possible to exclude Peter from the home and whether Brian may continue to live there until he finds somewhere else to live. (20 marks)
4. Evaluate how effectively the marriage (same sex Couples Act) Act 2013 brings the concept of equality to the constitution of marriage. (20 marks)
5. Suzie is married to Paul and recently issued proceedings for divorce. She claims that Paul is arranging to immediately transfer most of his wealth to his brother in order to prevent her from getting anything. With reference to statue law and relevant case law, explain what orders might be made by the court make to protect the assets and explain what significant issues should be considered by the court before granting any relief (20 marks)
This is the assessment criteria- the questions are above.
The OSCOLA or oxford referencing system should be used in writing submitted work-
This assessment seeks to assess the following module outcomes:
1. Knowledge and understanding on the syllabus
2. Legal skills : Assimilation of the relevant statues, research into the development and application of law by the use of case law, government reports and consultation documents and the presentation of the material in a logical and relevant manner.
3. Transferable skills: research for the purpose of understanding and presentation of a carefully reasoned response to a problem
4. Communication skills: the ability to give logical, understandable explanation of the law and of how that law is applicable to the problems
5. Credit will be awarded on this assessment based on the following criteria: clear and concise analysis of the question, application of the analysis of the issues raised. Avoidance of irrelevant material, accuracy in presentation, spelling, grammar and sentence construction.
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