Relationship between Corporate Governance and Market Value of Singapore Listed Companies

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Please refer to the attachment for further details. This assignment is I have done till 1/4 thru. I have written about 1.8K words i need you to help me increase and paraphrase to make the paper flow well. Therefore i have apply a 2475words as more research to be done and etc. Please call me or sms and i will attend to you asap as i need the paper urgently. Note: I need to see a draft report on Singapore time Thursday and as well i want a final review on the final date, thanks. The words file i send you need you to re-organize for me as it is in a mess. Sorry for any inconvenience causes. Some of the link you may actual find it in the referencing list which i provided. But as for the analysis part you may use the SMU secondary data, I only manage to find 2007 data if you manage to find a update list Singapore data you may use yours. Use the SMU professor data which i have attached for you. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. Rem I want a draft so that I can send to my lecturer for comments so that we know that we are in a correct track. Hope you understand.
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