Relationship between Corporate Governance and Market Value of Singapore Listed Companies

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Sample Paper
Executive Summary
This study aims at elaborating Corporate Governance (CG) together with investigation of trends in development of CG and its operation in Singapore. I have extracted a model from (SMU, 2009) to measure the quality of corporate governance practices of listed companies in Singapore. Corporate governance is a vital component in explaining the market value of companies listed in Singapore. This research has a basis on findings of the Revised OECD Principles of Corporate Governance (OECD, 2004) and the Best Practices Singapore code of corporate governance (SCCG, 2005). Information was used to construct an overall quality of Singapore corporate governance index (SCGI) for 400 listed companies during the year of 2007. These evidences exemplify that the companies’ market value (market-to-book ratio, MTBV) and corporate performance (return on equity, ROE) reflect a positive and significantly associated with their SCGI. The outcome turns to be robust after controlling for firm characteristics, ownership structure and other corporate governance features. In this research, it is evident that the market value growth really exists, taking into account of financial fundamentals and market dynamics……ORDER NOW
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