Refugees and Forced Migration

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a. State your hypothesis about the relationship between your dependent variable and only one independent variable. Explain why you believe this hypothesis will be true.
d) Methodology
a. Questionnaire Construction: Explain what factors you considered when writing your questionnaire items and when constructing your questionnaire. Also explain what happened when you pretested the questionnaire and how you changed the questionnaire as a result. b. Reporting of Analysis Methodology- Explain which analysis method you will use and why (t-test, correlation, ANOVA, regression) e) Sampling and Execution: Explain your sampling strategy and how you administered the survey. a. Description of Respondents: Describe the characteristics of your respondents. b. Sampling Frame: How will you find respondents- Are you using a random
sample, convenience sample, snow ball sample, etc?
f) Conclusion/ Future Consideration g) Other Items to be covered in assignment #3
a. Code Book b. Project Survey