Reflective Report on learning experience through Work-Based Advanced Skills and Innovative Practice (WBASIP)

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



– This order not related to my dissertation. This is 2nd diet, my tutor asked me to improve 1st paper to meet the standard. It is important to check the feedback on 1st paper –uploaded for you-, it will ease your work. I failed in this module (45 from 100).

1. First of all, please REMOVE any thing about (Assistance radiology practitioner) just write around (Reporting Radiographer). <<< My tutor told me that.

2. My sample is about (Reporting Radiographer) it will helpful and he has high mark but be careful please about similarity (must be less than 10%). I like the sample in structure and figures but please change it in style to don’t be like copy past. And please don’t use same figures or all references same.

3. You should consider how your learning experiences may enable you to push boundaries & challenge/enhance practice in my (((((home country)))) Saudi Arabia.

4. It is a requirement that this coursework will include evidence extracted from your portfolio (reflective diaries), which supports your analyses and evaluations. (( see file of all dairy reports)

5. The text should be full of references to enhance the level of my degree (please like my sample which is full of references in the context).

6. Kindly, read the guidelines to know what they want exactly in this module.